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As a wholesale distributor, we are proud to offer you a variety of advanced and natural health products. Our cannabis oil is rich in cannabinoids resulting from a unique state-of-the-art botanical extraction process which gives our products a full spectrum of Cannabinoid oil with vital ingredients found in the cannabis plant.

CBD Oil 10ml - Curcumin and Black Pepper wholesaler
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CBD Oil 10ml - Curcumin and Black Pepper

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Turmeric is renowned for its anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, depurative and protective benefits. Mixed with black pepper, turmeric improves antiseptic, anti-bacterial and especially anti-inflammatory efficacy. You can consume this turmeric CBD oil and black pepper as a dietary supplement. It is based on the molecule cannabidiol also known...
terpenes wholesaler
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CBD terpenes

Essential Terpenes Oil 10ml

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Terpenes essential oil is an extract of fresh hemp flowers with a high content of plant terpenes produced by steam distillation and giving a unique aroma and flavor of hemp. Hemp plants are carefully selected and harvested by hand. This oil allows you to concoct your e-liquids or add a hemp flavor to your food. Volume: 10 ml Recommended retail price:...
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CBD Oil 10ml - Hemp Seed Flavor

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The Landracer CBD oil range is composed of the purest hemp leaves and flowers. We only work with very pure and strong raw materials from EU industrial hemp, in order to guarantee the best qualities. All products are tested for sale in an independent laboratory to ensure that our products meet all requirements and specifications. Recommended retail...
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Our oil is a non-psychoactive dietary supplement and therefore has no hallucinatory effects. As a wholesale CBD distributor, specialize in products that only contain pure extracts of Cannabidiol. We work with the best laboratories dedicated to cannabidiol extractions in the world. We have a range of 100% organic and high-quality products which include among others Food Oils, Massage, Pure Crystals, Wax, Herbal Teas, Vape Liquids, and Electronic Cigarettes, Capsules, Candies selling all over Europe. Our cannabis oil is extracted from fully certified organic plants to ensure we give you the best that hemp oil has to offer. It is an ingesting product that comes in a bottle that is easy to use, well calibrated. Our products are nutritional supplements carefully extracted from cannabis.

Our oil is exclusively medicinal and is suitable for use by cancer patients as it inhibits the growth of cancer cells. It is useful for acne management where it causes inflammation by acting on receptors in the immune system. It naturally reduces inflammation in the nervous system and throughout the immune system to restore homeostasis to both the immune and nervous systems. Grams CBD oil is quality you can trust. Make your order online from any part of Europe and we will deliver swiftly.

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