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Discover our collection of CBD cannabis flowers and get the best variants of cannabis flowers from your online CBD wholesaler, Grams. We offer flowers already packaged or buy larger quantities of CBD cannabis flowers and pack your own CBD flowers. Our range of CBD cannabis flowers is cultivated exclusively in indoor cultivation. You will find different varieties of CBD cannabis flowers: Strawberry, Lemon Skunk, Amnesia ... All our flowers have a THC content of less than 0.2%. In contrast, the CBD level is important and can be over 20% in some of our CBD cannabis flower varieties.

Mango Haze wholesale cbd
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CBD Flowers

Mango Haze

From €546.00 excl. tax
For our Mango Kush in Indoor Culture the emphasis is clearly on the subtle fruit of mango and strawberry with obviously as for all our varieties this taste of weed well pronounced and strong. We make you share this incredible experience with this variety a small production from where its rarity has especially not to miss. THC <0.2% CBD 22%
Lemon OG wholesaler CBD
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CBD Flowers

Lemon OG

From €420.00 excl. tax €546.00
Lemon OG is the preferred and sought-after indoor variety, this taste is clearly addictive thanks to the perfect balance of sugar and lemon. His success has never ended, always on the podium of the last 9 Cannabis Cup. This variety is sold at home 3 months before harvest, we decided this time to keep a quantity to discover this variety to the greatest...
Saint Trop Haze wholesaler CBD
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CBD Flowers

Saint Trop Haze

From €440.00 excl. tax €572.00
A discovery with its strong smell of sand sun, a taste of amnesia several times winner of the Cannabis Cup with a strong hold remaining in the mouth. Once again our mastery of indoor culture has allowed us to release an exceptional rate of CBD and beautiful fat heads attention this variety is limited and rare. THC <0.2% CBD 10.08%
Sativa Gold wholesaler CBD
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CBD Flowers

Sativa Gold

From €300.00 excl. tax €390.00
The Sativa Gold is the most effective indoor flower with its earthy smell coming out of the mist mixed with a clear scent of the Jamaica Islands. Those blooms are fat and beautiful, its CBD rate is impressive, it is commercially the ideal high-end product. THC <0.2% CBD 12.48%
Sour Diesel wholesaler CBD
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CBD Flowers

Sour Diesel

From €350.00 excl. tax €450.00
Sour Diesel, sometimes called Sour D, is a variety that gets its name from its diesel aroma. Stress, pain and depression disappear with lasting relief that makes Sour Diesel a leading choice for patients. THC <0.2% CBD 10.38%
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