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If you love vaping, then you might be interested in adding a little cannabidiol boost to your next e liquid experience. Suggested by scientific studies to relieve pain, help with anxiety, soothe nausea, and combat a wide variety of other ailments, CBD is a powerful substance that will have an active effect on your body when added to your vaping liquor. Buy a booster for your vape tank or pipe right here, and revel in our extremely efficient and user friendly checkout and shipping service.

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Add a boost to your vape liquid

A CBD booster is a kind of e liquid that can be mixed in with your favorite vaping fluid to give you the benefits of cannabidiol oil alongside the delicious taste and scent of vape steam. As a major European wholesale CBD supplier, Grams CBD offfers e liquids that come in all kinds of wonderful tastes and smells, ranging from custard to fruits to desserts. 

The scent of bakery items like cinnamon buns or custard tarts have been perfectly replicated by e liquid makers, meaning that giving up traditional cigarettes and switching to vaping has never been so delicious. By adding the recommended amount of CBD booster to the e liquid, you can add further benefits to your vaping experience. Our boosters come in strengths of 300, 500 and 1000 mg per 10 ml. We also sell cannabidiol e liquids and cannabidiol e cigarettes if you prefer to use those rather than mixing in additional vape liquids. 

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