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The cannabis plant has a distinctly aromatic scent that makes a wonderfully atmospheric perfume for any room. These CBD terpenes use natural plant oils to create an oil infused with that cannabis scent which can be used as a room diffuser.

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CBD terpenes

Essential Terpenes Oil 10ml

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Terpenes essential oil is an extract of fresh hemp flowers with a high content of plant terpenes produced by steam distillation and giving a unique aroma and flavor of hemp. Hemp plants are carefully selected and harvested by hand. This oil allows you to concoct your e-liquids or add a hemp flavor to your food. Volume: 10 ml Recommended retail price:...
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Soothing terpenes - the power of plants

Inhaling the relaxing scent of this oil will help you to get the benefits of cannabidiol in a gentle way. Make a purchase today on our wholesale platform and enjoy our smooth and streamlined buying and shipping service. Make sure to check out the other products that we have on offer on our website, which include crystals, herbal teas, and massage oils. All our products contain the highest quality CBD and other ingredients and are great for a range of ailments.

Different plants will have a slightly different scent to each other because of their different terpene composition: every plant is unique. We only use the highest quality, best smelling oils from the plants that we have harvested for us, to ensure that your terpene oil does not only smell good - it also has a positive effect on your mind and body. Your cannabis terpene can be used in a regular room diffuser (the kind that you would use for any kind of scented essential oil): apply a little heat with a tea light or similar source to release the oil's power.

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